Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Group Non Posed
Hanging Hearts, Driggs Idaho, 1/20/12, 11:26am, SS 1/125S, F/7.1, Cannon Rebel, Taken using a Tripod.
We took these pictures when shooting our engagements. We set up a tripod and put it on a self timer, we took a TON of shots but got some good ones. This was edited in camera raw to play with the lighting and saturation.

Group Posed
Shack, Driggs Idaho, 1/20/2012, 10:41am SS1/100, F/6.3, Canon Rebel, Used Tripod
This was also an engagement picture we really liked the texture of the wood behind us so we posed in front of it. The photo was edited using camera raw to change the contrast and lighting

Full Body
Pole-Rexburg Idaho,2/4/12, 5:20pm, SS 1/200, F3.5, Canon Rebel
This picture was taken outside the spori. I liked the lighting, and the pose that he made. Camera Raw was used to change the tint of the lighting in the photo.

Head Shot
Pondering-Rexburg Idaho,2/4/12, 5:30pm, SS 1/100,F/4.0 Canon Rebel
This is a picture of my fiancee in front of my apartment. I didn't think it would turn out as a good shot, but as I fiddled around with the coloring I think it gave an awesome effect. I especially liked the lighting on the left side of his face. Saturation was edited in camera raw.
 Shoulder shot/ Side Composition
 Art Gallery, Rexburg Idaho, 2/4/12, 5:15pm, SS 1/40, F/4.0, Canon Rebel
This picture was taken in the spori gallery. I liked the way he is leaning against the podium. I also changed the picture in camera raw into a grey-scale. I then moved the color sliders until I got the colors that I liked.

 Environment Picture
Audi, Rexburg Idaho, 2/4/12, 5:40pm,SS1/100, F/4.0, Canon Rebel
My fiancee loves nothing more than his car. He is always cruising around. With this picture I edited it in camera raw, and used the sliders to change it into grey-scale and then switched the color sliders to get the type of coloring that I liked. 


  1. Hey Carissa! I love the personality that comes through in your portraits; their so silly and fresh! I think far to often photographers get into the business mode and loss that spark of innocence that inspires their "models" to just be normal people. You don't have that problem in the slightest! Thank you for sharing your work!

  2. Carissa, your portraits are very nice! You did an especially good job with the editing. Your airbrushing looks perfect. I also like how you changed many of the pictures to black and white. You did a good job of making them brighter as well. Good job!