Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo Poster

1.Luggage- Printed 24x36
2. Bannack, 2/10/12, 2:45pm, 
3. Aperture priority,SS1/40, f/3.5, Canon Rebel
4. For this photo I processed the image in photomatix. I then changed it into a black and white image and bumped up the sharpening. I then bumped it up more and masked out some sharpening so the corner was more in focus.
5.when looking through my pictures I had quite a few of images that I liked. I wanted to choose something that I would want to hang up someday in my home. I liked the way the HDR tonemapped the image and brought out the detail of the trunk. I edited it as I explained in question 4. I did some edits in photomatix and then brought it into photoshop to do the sharpening. I liked the way it turned out. The reason I chose to place it in a turquoise frame was so the image would pop. I think it was good contrast and turned out to be something I am really proud of.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Fine art Template

Original-1/15/2012 12:52pm Hayden Idaho SS1/32, F5.6

Rusty Bumper-1/20/12,10:45am, Driggs, SS1/80, f/5.6, Canon Rebel

For these two photos I did the fine art template by following the tutorial. both these photos were not edited before being used.

Night Photos

Light Painting
Polar-2/19/12, 8:16pm, Coeur d' Alene, SS/6.0, f/4.0,Canon Rebel

For this photo I set up in my basement with the lights completely off the tripod on the floor, I then set the camera to a 6 second shutter and painted around the animals. when editing I changed the coloring in camera raw and also added grain to the photo so it looked more antique.

Light Graffitti
I<3U-2/19/12, 8:55pm, Coeur d'Alene Idaho, SS/20.0sec, f/5.6, Canon Rebel

I liked this photo mostly because of the meaning behind it. I had my fiancee stand in the snow and use his phone to write out I <3 u. I liked that you can see his shadow underneath each letter. I opened up photoshop and sharpened the image and then changed it to gray-scale

Audi-2/19/12,9:11pm, Coeur d'Alene Idaho, SS 1.3sec,f/3.5, Canon rebel

I chose this photo because i liked the radius of light coming from the steering wheel. In this photo I shot it and when the shutter was open, I zoomed out. When editing it, I just sharpened it in photoshop.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Canning-Bannack,2/10/12, 1:10pm, SS1/200,f/4.5,Canon rebel

Monkey See-Bannack,2/10/12,1:06pm,SS1/40,f/3.5,Cannon Rebel

School lunch-Bannack,2/10/12 3:00pm,SS1/100,f/5.6,Canon Rebel

Luggage-Bannack,2/10/12,2:45pm,SS1/40,f3.5,Canon Rebel

Same photo, But processed through HDR photomatix

Say Cheese-Bannack,2/10/12,4:45pm, SS1/200,f/16,Canon Rebel

-These are my favorite five photos. The first picture is of canning jars. I liked the color of the jars compared to the curtains. I edited this in camera raw to bring out the color and then sharpened it in Photoshop
-Picture two is of the baby carriage, I edited this in camera raw, changed it to gray-scale and then added a tint of yellow to make it sepia.
-Picture three is the school desk. I loved the texture of the can. I edited it in camera raw,messed with color temperature and also sharpened it in Photoshop.
-My final picture was of Nate at bannack taking a photo of me. I made him laugh somehow and captured his genuine smile. All I did to this picture was changed it to grey-scale and sharpened it in Photoshop


-2-Bannack,2/10/12 11:34am,SS1/32,F20,Canon Rebel

+0-Bannack,2/10/12 11:34am SS1/20,F20,Canon Rebel
+2-Bannack,2/10/12 11:34am, SS1/5,F/20,Canon Rebel

I was really impressed with my three shot HDR, I uploaded the picture into dynamic photo and then edited it with the slider bars. I love the detail it brought out.

Bottle Original-Bannack,2/10/12,3:32pm, F/5.6, SS1/40,Canon Rebel

The second picture I edited I ran a single picture through Dynamic photo. it brightened up the greens and sharpened up the whole image. Its awesome what those HDR programs can do!

 Knob-Bannack,2/10/12,2:18pm,SS1/50,F4.5, Canon Rebel
Floral vinyl-Bannack,2/10/12,1:21pm SS1/50,F4.5,Canon Rebel

For this edit I merged together two images, one of a door knob and the second peeling floral vinyl. I edited both images before on camera raw, and then when I brought them into photoshop I blended them, turned the opacity of the floral way down and masked out the white so the floral came out only in the door knob

Reverse Shallow Depth

Fence Post, Bannack, 2/10/12 1:04pm,SS1/500 F3.5,Canon Rebel

Front Door, Bannack,2/10/12,1:04pm,SS1/500,F3.5,Canon Rebel

For shallow depth I decided to take a picture of a fence post and a house in the background. and then reversed for the second shot. I like how in the first picture you can really see the detail of the fence post. To edit these photos I opened them up in camera raw and changed the warmth of the photo. I also brought it into photoshop and sharpened it.

Action Blur and Freeze

Merry Go Round-Bannack,2/10/12,1:50pm,F/4.0, SS 1/1000, Canon Rebel

Lady in Red-Bannack,2/10/12, 12:20pm, F/22, SS5.0sec,Canon Rebel

These pictures were really fin to take. The first picture is my stop action, I took it with a shutter speed of 1/1000 and then I edited it in camera raw to change the saturation. For the second picture I actually blended two pictures, the one of the girl sitting on the chair and the one of her in the corner. I liked the contrast of the red against the wood paneling. I blended the two images in Photoshop and then masked out the girl in the chair.


Bar Girl- Bannack,2/10/12,3:00pm, SS1/80,F/5.6, Canon Rebel

Sleuth-Bannack,2/10/12 3:30pm,SS1/400,F5.6, Focal length, Canon Rebel

These are the two portraits I liked the most. For the first picture I liked her pose and the mysterious look on her face. I also liked her dress. I thought the pink was a little too bright for the setting so I desaturated it quite a bit as well as some other parts of the picture. I did all the editing in camera Raw. For the second picture I changed it into greyscale but then tinted it a little but yellow so it looked more antique.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Matched Color


 Matched Color Final
Distant, Rexburg Idaho, 2/4/12, 5:40pm, SS1/100, F/3.5, Canon Rebel
I used match color for this picture. I liked the lighting better on the first picture so I matched it with the second and turned the settings down so the coloring wasn't too saturated. I also sharpened it and played with saturation



Couple, Coeur d'alene Idaho, 12/29/11, 4:11pm, SS 1/64, F5.0

I have to be really secure to show the picture that I did, but I thought it would be a good example of how much little retouches can change your picture. For this picture I used the airbrush tool to remove the blemishes and smooth out out faces. I also whitened out teeth.



Neon Rexburg Idaho, 2/4/12 4:20pm SS1/200,F3.5, Canon Rebel

I really like doing replacement color. I think its a great way to change up the picture. For this I selected first his jacket and played with the hue, (hue and saturation sliders) then I selected the red bike and changed the hue to turquoise. I also messed with the sharpness.


Group Non Posed
Hanging Hearts, Driggs Idaho, 1/20/12, 11:26am, SS 1/125S, F/7.1, Cannon Rebel, Taken using a Tripod.
We took these pictures when shooting our engagements. We set up a tripod and put it on a self timer, we took a TON of shots but got some good ones. This was edited in camera raw to play with the lighting and saturation.

Group Posed
Shack, Driggs Idaho, 1/20/2012, 10:41am SS1/100, F/6.3, Canon Rebel, Used Tripod
This was also an engagement picture we really liked the texture of the wood behind us so we posed in front of it. The photo was edited using camera raw to change the contrast and lighting

Full Body
Pole-Rexburg Idaho,2/4/12, 5:20pm, SS 1/200, F3.5, Canon Rebel
This picture was taken outside the spori. I liked the lighting, and the pose that he made. Camera Raw was used to change the tint of the lighting in the photo.

Head Shot
Pondering-Rexburg Idaho,2/4/12, 5:30pm, SS 1/100,F/4.0 Canon Rebel
This is a picture of my fiancee in front of my apartment. I didn't think it would turn out as a good shot, but as I fiddled around with the coloring I think it gave an awesome effect. I especially liked the lighting on the left side of his face. Saturation was edited in camera raw.
 Shoulder shot/ Side Composition
 Art Gallery, Rexburg Idaho, 2/4/12, 5:15pm, SS 1/40, F/4.0, Canon Rebel
This picture was taken in the spori gallery. I liked the way he is leaning against the podium. I also changed the picture in camera raw into a grey-scale. I then moved the color sliders until I got the colors that I liked.

 Environment Picture
Audi, Rexburg Idaho, 2/4/12, 5:40pm,SS1/100, F/4.0, Canon Rebel
My fiancee loves nothing more than his car. He is always cruising around. With this picture I edited it in camera raw, and used the sliders to change it into grey-scale and then switched the color sliders to get the type of coloring that I liked.