Monday, February 20, 2012


Fine art Template

Original-1/15/2012 12:52pm Hayden Idaho SS1/32, F5.6

Rusty Bumper-1/20/12,10:45am, Driggs, SS1/80, f/5.6, Canon Rebel

For these two photos I did the fine art template by following the tutorial. both these photos were not edited before being used.

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  1. Carissa you have some really fun photos for this week. I really like the contrast in your light graffiti photo. I also really like the lines of light coming from the steering wheel in the last photo. I like the photos you choses fro the borders exercise, and it looks like you figured out the masking technique in photoshop; however, I do think that you should show a little more of the photos. I think you might have cut out a little too much information.