Saturday, January 28, 2012


Semi Trucks,1/25/12, 3:15 Pm, Rexburg Idaho, F/5.0,SS1/800 sec, Canon Rebel T3

I had a lot of fun shooting this panoramic picture. I tool it of semi trucks that are near the nature park. I took all the pictures without a tripod. I took 8 pictures and then blended them together on Photoshop.For the edits I played around with the layers as well as saturation. I also did content aware fill to remove the telephone in the right hand side. I also ended up cropping a bit off each edge to give it a cleaner look.


  1. Your pano is awesome! I like how you pushed the colors to a dramatic but realistic level. And I love how there's one truck missing and tire tracks there. Not sure why. Also, good eye on the white balance problem in your RAW edits. Removing the yellow was a HUGE improvement. Nice job.

    Just a little suggestion for the blog . . . check your comment settings and make sure it allows everyone to comment. It won't take my WordPress account, and it wanted me to sign up for a blogger account when I tried Google. I had to use my really old Google account . . . I know there's a setting somewhere that will change that.