Monday, February 13, 2012


-2-Bannack,2/10/12 11:34am,SS1/32,F20,Canon Rebel

+0-Bannack,2/10/12 11:34am SS1/20,F20,Canon Rebel
+2-Bannack,2/10/12 11:34am, SS1/5,F/20,Canon Rebel

I was really impressed with my three shot HDR, I uploaded the picture into dynamic photo and then edited it with the slider bars. I love the detail it brought out.

Bottle Original-Bannack,2/10/12,3:32pm, F/5.6, SS1/40,Canon Rebel

The second picture I edited I ran a single picture through Dynamic photo. it brightened up the greens and sharpened up the whole image. Its awesome what those HDR programs can do!

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