Sunday, February 26, 2012

Photo Poster

1.Luggage- Printed 24x36
2. Bannack, 2/10/12, 2:45pm, 
3. Aperture priority,SS1/40, f/3.5, Canon Rebel
4. For this photo I processed the image in photomatix. I then changed it into a black and white image and bumped up the sharpening. I then bumped it up more and masked out some sharpening so the corner was more in focus.
5.when looking through my pictures I had quite a few of images that I liked. I wanted to choose something that I would want to hang up someday in my home. I liked the way the HDR tonemapped the image and brought out the detail of the trunk. I edited it as I explained in question 4. I did some edits in photomatix and then brought it into photoshop to do the sharpening. I liked the way it turned out. The reason I chose to place it in a turquoise frame was so the image would pop. I think it was good contrast and turned out to be something I am really proud of.

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