Saturday, January 28, 2012


Semi Trucks,1/25/12, 3:15 Pm, Rexburg Idaho, F/5.0,SS1/800 sec, Canon Rebel T3

I had a lot of fun shooting this panoramic picture. I tool it of semi trucks that are near the nature park. I took all the pictures without a tripod. I took 8 pictures and then blended them together on Photoshop.For the edits I played around with the layers as well as saturation. I also did content aware fill to remove the telephone in the right hand side. I also ended up cropping a bit off each edge to give it a cleaner look.

Camera Raw

Cupcakes 1/25/12,7:37pm, Rexburg Idaho, SS 1/50, F/4.5, Canon Rebel
This picture was really fun to take an edit. I took it in my kitchen when I cooked cupcakes, then I brought it into camera raw and played with the color settings as well as the vibrancy and the exposure. I liked how it make the picture look as if it was taken a long time ago, with a vintage look. I also took the orange tones out when I played with the saturation, I think it turned out exactly as I envisioned it in my head!

Milk n' cookies, 1/28/12,1:29pm, Rexburg Idaho, F/4.6, SS1/30,Canon EOS T3

This picture was an awesome example to edit in camera raw. I took it today when my fiancee was eating Oreos and milk, I thought it was a strange way to eat the cookies so I took a picture of it. When editing it I did a few different things, first I played around with the saturation and took the yellow out of the shot. I also played around with the sharpness. Finally when I brought it into Photoshop and edited out a couple crumbs in the milk.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Edit Post 3

Bottle Engagement 1/21/12, 4:07 Dubois, Idaho F/9.0, SS 1/200 Sec,

For this picture I did a couple things to edit it. First I made a layer mask and bumped up the saturation and I sharpened the image. Then I masked out the snow so it looked a little less blue after the saturation was upped from the first edit.

 Fiero Keys, 1-15-2012, 9:27am, Hayden Idaho, F/5.0,SS 1/500 Sec, Canon EOS rebel
For the second edit I did, I made the picture into a smart object and then changed it into the accented edges filter. I also bumped up the saturation as well.

Flora and Fauna

Polar Bear Skull, Hayden Idaho,1/15/12,3:22 Pm F/5.6, Shutter 1/85 sec, Canon EOS Rebel

Berries, Rexburg Idhao, 1/22/12,12:25 Pm F/5.6, Shutter 1/125 Sec, Canon EOS Rebel

Sheep,Sugar City Idaho, 1/22/12,12:00pm, F/13.0,Shutter 1/60 Sec, Canon EOS Rebel

Branches,Rexburg Idaho,1/22/12,12:30 Pm F/8.0, Shutter 1/500 Sec, Canon EOS Rebel

These pictures were taken of plants and animals. The first picture I took was of a polar bear we have stuffed in my basement, It is the skull that is sitting on the platform. with this picture I edited it by changing the levels and sharpening it. The second picture was of some berries in the nature park, I edited this picture by bumping up the saturation and sharpening the image. My third picture is of a sheep, when editing the picture I changed the saturation, and changed the levels and sharpened the image. My final picture is of branches in the nature park. I edited this picture by sharpening the image and by changing the levels.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Edit Post 2

El Camino; 1-15-12; 3:26Pm, Hayden Idaho, f/5.6, 1/400 Sec, Rebel T3

Tracks; 1-15-12; 3:45Pm, Hayden Idaho, f/5.6, 1/1000Sec, Rebel T3

  This first picture I blended together a picture of an El Camino and a picture of tire tracks in the snow. I used layer masks and made it less opaque where the top or the car was so it could stand out. I also edited the pictures so the colors were a bit brighter and so the images were sharper.

Bulbs;1-14-2012,6:24pm, Hayden Idaho, f/6.3, 1/25 Sec, Rebel T3
For the editing of this one I Did the first tutorial, But I did a mask and layer edit and then erased opacity on the text. I also used saturation edits to bring out different colors in the bulbs, and sharpened the image.

Lantern: 01-15-12; 12pm; Hayden Idaho-Larsen home; f 5.6; Shutter-N/A; Canon Rebel T3

Tart Shells: 01-15-12; 12pm; Hayden Idaho-Larsen home; f 4.0; Shutter-1/40; Canon Rebel T3
ElCamino: 01-15-12; 700pm; Hayden Idaho-Larsen home; f 5.6; Shutter-1/30; Canon Rebel T3

Lantern: 01-15-12; 12pm; Hayden Idaho-Larsen home; f 5.6; Shutter-N/A; Canon Rebel T3

Campus: 01-12-12; 1:58pm; Rexburg Idaho-BYUI Campus; f 25; Shutter-1/40; Canon Rebel T3

For This assignment I picked the color Brown. I picked this color because I went home to Coeur d' Alene for the weekend and my house is "rustic" so I found a lot of brown or coppery tones. For the first Picture I took a picture of the lanterns that are next to each doorway in the hall. I liked how the light looked reflecting off the wall. The second photo was of tart tins that my mom was using. I liked how in the light they looked coppery. This photo was edited a little, sharpness was turned up as well as the layers were changed a bit. The third picture was of an El Camino outside on our property. It was rusting and I liked the brown color against the old blue of the interior. The fourth picture is of a bronze statue I found of an Indian sitting on a horse. I liked the bronze color and how the slate in the background blurred. My final picture was of some plants on campus. The brown is in the dead weeds, I liked the sun flare and how it looked coming across the plants.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Edit post:Cut outs

 My brother and I went to the color festival a couple years ago. When looking over the photos I wanted to make the colors pop more. the way I decided to do this is with cutouts. The first thing I did was cut out the entire background so the color would pop. The second shot I cut out half the background so its a cut our that makes the heads pop out of the picture.

Color Festival,3/9/10,9:34AM,American Fork Utah, f/5.6,Shutter Speed- N/A,Nikon Coolpix L11

Dane and Carissa Blue,3/9/10,9:37AM,American Fork Utah, f/2.8,Shutter Speed- N/A,Nikon Coolpix L11  

Post 1: Past Photos

 Gingerbread,12/30/11,6:08PM,Coeur d'alene, f/4.5,1/60 sec,Canon EOS REBEL T3
This was taken over break while making a gingerbread house. I used photoshop to sharpen the image

 Mentos,1/6/12,8:34PM,Rexburg, f/4.0,1/60 sec,Canon EOS REBEL T3
Taken In a parking lot of rexburg. Photoshop was used to darken foreground, sharpen image.

 Flag,2/8/08,4:56PM,Hayden Id, f/3.4,Shutter- Not available ,Nikon Coolpix L11
This was taken on my driveway back at home in 2008. Photoshop was used to sharpen image, bring out the color in the clouds.

 Roof,12/30/11,6:42PM,Coeur d'alene, f/5.0,1/60 sec,Canon EOS REBEL T3
Taken during break, Photoshop was used to sharpen image.

Lantern,1/6/12,9:24PM,Rexburg, f/3.5,1/30 sec,Canon EOS REBEL T3
Chinese lantern being lit, Photoshop was used to sharpen image.

 Leanne,12/30/11,8:50PM,Coeur d'alene, f/4.0,1/60 sec,Canon EOS REBEL T3
Taken at home of my mom, taken in portrait mode, Photoshop was used to sharpen image, and de-saturate color

Nate,12/29/11,4:12PM,Coeur d'alene, f/4.0,1/60 sec,Canon EOS REBEL T3,Portrait Mode
 Nate, taken in portrait mode, Photoshop used to sharpen image and levels were changed.
 Self,1/5/12,1:13PM,Rexburg Id, f/4.0,1/60 sec,Canon EOS REBEL T3
Self portrait, Photoshop was used to sharpen image and turn  into B&W.
 Self2,1/5/13,1:12PM,Rexburg, f/4.0,1/60 sec,Canon EOS REBEL T3
Taken in Rexburg of self, Photoshop was used to desaturate image and touch up.

Daisy,4/29/08,4:07PM,Coeur d'alene, f/2.8,Shutter-N/A ,Olympus- C180
This picture was taken of wilting daisies, photoshop was used to change saturation and sharpen image.