Saturday, January 28, 2012

Camera Raw

Cupcakes 1/25/12,7:37pm, Rexburg Idaho, SS 1/50, F/4.5, Canon Rebel
This picture was really fun to take an edit. I took it in my kitchen when I cooked cupcakes, then I brought it into camera raw and played with the color settings as well as the vibrancy and the exposure. I liked how it make the picture look as if it was taken a long time ago, with a vintage look. I also took the orange tones out when I played with the saturation, I think it turned out exactly as I envisioned it in my head!

Milk n' cookies, 1/28/12,1:29pm, Rexburg Idaho, F/4.6, SS1/30,Canon EOS T3

This picture was an awesome example to edit in camera raw. I took it today when my fiancee was eating Oreos and milk, I thought it was a strange way to eat the cookies so I took a picture of it. When editing it I did a few different things, first I played around with the saturation and took the yellow out of the shot. I also played around with the sharpness. Finally when I brought it into Photoshop and edited out a couple crumbs in the milk.

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  1. Carissa,
    All of your pictures are really good. I think the pano of the trucks is clever. You managed to take something rather ordinary and make it interesting by giving the photo a kind of "team spirit" feel. What I like about your Camera Raw edits is the adjustments you made in the color of the food items. The unedited versions of the cupcake and the oreos/milk don't look very appetizing, but removing the "yellowiness" from both of them made a huge difference in their appeal. Nice work.