Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lantern: 01-15-12; 12pm; Hayden Idaho-Larsen home; f 5.6; Shutter-N/A; Canon Rebel T3

Tart Shells: 01-15-12; 12pm; Hayden Idaho-Larsen home; f 4.0; Shutter-1/40; Canon Rebel T3
ElCamino: 01-15-12; 700pm; Hayden Idaho-Larsen home; f 5.6; Shutter-1/30; Canon Rebel T3

Lantern: 01-15-12; 12pm; Hayden Idaho-Larsen home; f 5.6; Shutter-N/A; Canon Rebel T3

Campus: 01-12-12; 1:58pm; Rexburg Idaho-BYUI Campus; f 25; Shutter-1/40; Canon Rebel T3

For This assignment I picked the color Brown. I picked this color because I went home to Coeur d' Alene for the weekend and my house is "rustic" so I found a lot of brown or coppery tones. For the first Picture I took a picture of the lanterns that are next to each doorway in the hall. I liked how the light looked reflecting off the wall. The second photo was of tart tins that my mom was using. I liked how in the light they looked coppery. This photo was edited a little, sharpness was turned up as well as the layers were changed a bit. The third picture was of an El Camino outside on our property. It was rusting and I liked the brown color against the old blue of the interior. The fourth picture is of a bronze statue I found of an Indian sitting on a horse. I liked the bronze color and how the slate in the background blurred. My final picture was of some plants on campus. The brown is in the dead weeds, I liked the sun flare and how it looked coming across the plants.

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  1. I love the "Bulbs" and "Tart Shells" shots because of their dramatic lighting. Stunning. I think the composition on the "Lanterns" shot could have been more interesting with a rule of thirds application. The main lantern in the upper right perhaps so the leading lines of the perspective effect on the other lanterns could have drawn the viewer in. Also the "Campus" photo composition could have been pushed more too with some variety in size of your subjects. Right now they're all basically the same size, which is a bit less interesting. Try a different angle, or moving in closer.
    Excellent job.