Saturday, January 7, 2012

Edit post:Cut outs

 My brother and I went to the color festival a couple years ago. When looking over the photos I wanted to make the colors pop more. the way I decided to do this is with cutouts. The first thing I did was cut out the entire background so the color would pop. The second shot I cut out half the background so its a cut our that makes the heads pop out of the picture.

Color Festival,3/9/10,9:34AM,American Fork Utah, f/5.6,Shutter Speed- N/A,Nikon Coolpix L11

Dane and Carissa Blue,3/9/10,9:37AM,American Fork Utah, f/2.8,Shutter Speed- N/A,Nikon Coolpix L11  


  1. Carissa Larsen I really liked your first cut out you can see all the different colors on his face, the second one I am not such a big fan of it's too blue. Other than that, your second one looks good.

  2. You have some fun images, especially the ones for your cutouts. You did a really good job with your first cut out. The only thing is the hair could use a little more blur in one or two spots (but not much). Your second images looked like it had too much blur and feathering in a few places. There are a few spots were you can see too much of the background around the hair. You might need to work on your selection or decrease your feather.