Sunday, January 22, 2012

Flora and Fauna

Polar Bear Skull, Hayden Idaho,1/15/12,3:22 Pm F/5.6, Shutter 1/85 sec, Canon EOS Rebel

Berries, Rexburg Idhao, 1/22/12,12:25 Pm F/5.6, Shutter 1/125 Sec, Canon EOS Rebel

Sheep,Sugar City Idaho, 1/22/12,12:00pm, F/13.0,Shutter 1/60 Sec, Canon EOS Rebel

Branches,Rexburg Idaho,1/22/12,12:30 Pm F/8.0, Shutter 1/500 Sec, Canon EOS Rebel

These pictures were taken of plants and animals. The first picture I took was of a polar bear we have stuffed in my basement, It is the skull that is sitting on the platform. with this picture I edited it by changing the levels and sharpening it. The second picture was of some berries in the nature park, I edited this picture by bumping up the saturation and sharpening the image. My third picture is of a sheep, when editing the picture I changed the saturation, and changed the levels and sharpened the image. My final picture is of branches in the nature park. I edited this picture by sharpening the image and by changing the levels.

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  1. Carissa, Your flora and fauna pictures are really fun,it's neat how you were able to catch both of the sheep's eyes in the light I like your berries as well and even though they are in the center of the frame I like how you left room underneath them so it looks like they have room to drip, I'm ready to let my eye follow the drop of water down the picture. Very neat. I wish your picture of the trees had some sort of focal point to hold my attention but the pattern is nice. Your edits turned out good as well. Keep up the great work!